I just can’t believe we’re about to move forward with #tourdeeuropecc challenge and I’m still not done with my June reads for it. But well…since I’ve made a mix up and read a France book in month reserved for Spain, now I can do the opposite and stay in Spain a bit longer 😁.

As you probably all know by now, @ela.talks.books@sanda_reads and me are reading our way through Europe this year. And let me tell you, it’s a perfect way to finally read some books that are unfairly neglected and only collect dust on my shelves.

So as mentioned, in June we’re heading to France. And not only France, but Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Monaco as well. My plan is to read
Natasha Lester’s – The French Photographer and maybe K. Hannah’s The Nightingale. Both are ww2 stories, and how much Sanda likes reading them, that much I’m hesitant in picking them up. It’s just too depressing for me. The only ww2 book I loved was The Book Thief, and even though its sad and depressing too, the way it was written is really something special. 

If you want to join us in reading here are some books we’ve read and can honestly recommend.


• Les Misérables by Victor Hugo
• A Very Long Engagement by S. Japrisot
• The Abyss by M. Yourcenar
• Chocolat by J. Harris
• Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by P. Süskind
• Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

• The Nightingale – K.Hannah
• All the Light We Cannot See – A.Doerr
• A Lovely War – J. Berry

My recs:
• Fresh Water For Flowers – V. Perrin
• Together by Christmas – K. Swan

What books set in France you loved? And what are your thoughts on ww2 stories?

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