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REVIEW: Wouldn’t You Love to Love Her by Shannon Jump

Title: Wouldn’t You Love to Love Her
Author: Shannon Jump
Type: Fiction
Published: 2022.
Pages: 268

“There’s no room for pretty people here. Prison makes everyone ugly. It levels the playing field.”

I know I’ve said I’m only gonna read romance in February, but I believe this could also be considered as part of the genre. Thrilling, dark and steamy, with a touch of a murder – kind of romance. Cause let me tell you, with everything else in it being dark, twisty and deceiving, at the core of it lies a beautiful love story.

Wouldn’t You Love To Love Her is a fast paced story that totally gave me Orange Is The New Black vibes. And everyone who knows me knows I LOVE that show. And the book, but the show is better.  Love is actually a small word for my feelings, but we will talk about my obsession on some other occasion.

Anyways, I think this book is very original with great insights on porn industry. And there are some seriously crazy characters in there, so let me tell you, from beginning till the end, you are in for a hell of a ride with this one!

I cannot talk more of this one without spoiling it, but if you love fast paced psychological thrillers with a strong female characters, then this is definitely a great book for you.

Pub date: 1st of March 2022.

My GR rating: 4 stars

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