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REVIEW: Razorblade Tears by S.A. Cosby

Title: Razorblade Tears
Author: S.A. Cosby
Type: Fiction
Published: 2021.
Pages: 336
Publisher: Flatiron Books

“It didn’t seem fair for a man to morn someone, abundantly, that he had loved, so miserly.”

I have to admit this book was one hell of a ride. Its no wonder why everyone has been praising it. It deserves all the praise it can get, and I can see it getting a lot of different book awards.

A redemption story. Two fathers. One black and one white. Heading on a quest to find a murderer of their sons.

“That was the thing about violence. When you went looking for it you definitely were going to find it. It just wouldn’t be at a time of your own choosing. It jumped up and splattered your nice new boots before you were really ready”

There was so much violence. So much. And so many scenes were unbelievable like they came from Mission Impossible movies. But damn, those characters. And the dialogues. Those were brilliant. And the audio….pure perfection. So yeah, even though I was bitching about it most of the times like I do for cold weather, in the end it felt amazing like a piece of chestnut puree with whipped cream that came from a beautiful day spent in woods. Small pleasures, as they say.

If you can gut through the violent parts, my honest recommendation. Its a powerful one that puts so many things into perspective… Parenthood. Love. Regret. And a fact thats its never, never, too late to change your ways.

“I ain’t gonna lie and say I get you, because I don’t. I can’t even pretend I know what it must be like to be… you. But if all this has taught me one thing, it’s that it ain’t about me and what I get. It’s about letting people be who they are. And being who you are shouldn’t be a death sentence.”

My rating: 4 stars

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