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REVIEW: Double Deceit by Julienne Brouwers

Title: Double Deceit
Author: Julienne Brouwers
Type: Fiction
Published: 2020.
Pages: 274
Publisher: Head of Zeus / Aria

” You were supposed to be watching him.” There was a note of ridicule in my voice when I continued. ”Which entails actually keeping your eyes on him and not reading a newspaper”.

Ok, so thrillers are generally not my thing. But, every so often I like to read some to get my focus off the things I usually read. That is actually why I change genres a lot, cause reading only one makes them blend in and I end up feeling that I’m reading one very long book.⠀

At first, Double Deceit seems so simple. Today, most of the thrillers go with shocking elements to make the audience engage cause we all just want a thousand twists and turns and weird stuff happening and more murders, more violence, more disturbance. You wont get a lot of that in this book. There are no big twists and mind blowing endings here, and even though a part of me was always expecting something of that kind to happen, in the same way I enjoyed it being the kind old fashioned thriller. At moments it did feel dragged a bit, and the main characters actions at moments seemed exaggerated, but it made me doubt absolutely every character in this book and everything that I have read. ⠀

Personally, I would like a bit more of a shocking ending, but if you’re looking for a good crime book settled in the streets of Amsterdam, I can sure recommend you this one. ⠀

* I want to thank JB Publishing for providing me a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review. 

MY GR RATING: 3.5 stars

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