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REVIEW: The Tourist Attraction by Sarah Morgenthaler

Title: The Tourist Attraction
Author: Sarah Morgenthaler
Type: Fiction
Published: 2020.
Pages: 352
Publisher: Sourecebooks Casablanca

“Okay, let’s start this over. Hi. My name is Graham, and I want a burrito. Give me her room key, or I’ll kill you.”

For my second buddy read in November, I have chosen The Tourist Attraction by S. Morgenthaler. I thought that setting in Alaska and a bit of romance cant go wrong. I mean…Calla and Jonah, right? But this book was not even close to my beloved The Simple Wild. It was not the worst romance of the year as my dear friend called it, but it wasn’t good either. ⠀

It’s not even the insta love trope thing (who am I to say that doesn’t happen), but the characters were pretty undeveloped and the plot was just silly. There were some nice romantic moments and beautiful Alaskan nature and wildlife sure helped, but all of it still couldn’t make up for the fact that the power couple was quite annoying – her as a some weird clumsy girl that doesn’t think a second before getting in the trouble, and he as a bar owner that hates tourists he lives of and still somehow manages to be the best thing the town of Moose Springs has to offer. ⠀

For me, the key aspects of a good romance are either a good humor or the banter between characters, and a chemistry that transfers to the reader in a way it wants to jump the first one that comes its way. Male of female, doesn’t matter. Here, at best moments it gets sweet. And that’s it. Maybe the author wanted to keep it pure and light which is fine, but you don’t build up the chemistry through the entire book and then skip when you get to the sex scene. You. Just. Don’t.⠀

That being said maybe I’m gonna try with the next one in Moose springs series. Call me a masochist, but I am curious if there’s gonna be any action in that one 😂. ⠀

MY GR RATING: 2.7 stars

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