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REVIEW: That Touch by Christi Snow

Title: That Touch…
Author: Christi Snow
Type: Fiction
Published: 2021.
Pages: 290

” This is the message I want to exude…that the right outfit can make any woman feel like she can conquer the world, one perfect accessory at a time. It’s a feeling we all get when we know we look good…beautiful, in control of our own destiny, powerful. ”

This is a sweet and wintery rom com about two friends finally realizing how perfect they actually are for each other. I am usually not a big fan of friends to lovers trope, but this one was done really nicely, with male m/c being such a great friend and a person, truly a rock for his best friend in any occasion. And I loved it so much, especially cause in today’s world, it’s such a rare thing to find a person like that.

If you’re a fan of stories set in the world of fashion and marketing, if you love watching old classic movies with Cary Grant and Doris Day and you’re not shy of some pretty steamy scenes, then this is definitely a perfect book for you :).

Sweet, cosy and atmospheric, That Touch…. is definitely a perfect feel good wintery book.

My GR rating: 4 stars

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