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REVIEW: The Wolf and the Watchman by Nikklas Natt och Dag

Title: The Wolf and the Watchman
Author: Niklas Natt och Dag
Type: Fiction
Published: 2019.
Pages: 384
Publisher: Atria Books

“It takes two in order to tell a good lie; one to speak untruth and one to listen willingly!”

Third book of Nordic part of #tourdeeurope took me to Sweden. And it was a very different Sweden than clean, fresh and democratic country we all have in mind when thinking about it.

I presume most of you don’t know this (and I know it because I am moderately stalking Mr.B), but Frederik Backman and this author have been sharing an office for many years now. Mr. B will never miss the opportunity to give praise to Niklas Natt och Dag and his work, and he even helped NoD to publish this particular book. ⠀

So when I heard him giving this author a heads up, of course I was intrigued and had to read the book. What did I get? A definitely interesting concept with slightly above moderate writing. I won’t deny that this author has talent. Some parts were amazingly written, interesting, made me even hold my breath for a while. It is dark, raw, brutal, and you can almost see and smell the life of Stockholm in year 1793. The story with investigating a murder with two outcasts is also quite refreshing. But unfortunately, at some parts I felt really bored and just wanted to finish it as soon as possible (too much of name dropping and historical data tend to do that for me). ⠀

However, I have to admit the author made an impressive efforts into looking up the historical facts and the whole setting was really refreshing. Just be careful – you will have to have a hard stomach for this one, it does get quite descriptive and nasty in parts.

My GR rating: 3 stars

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