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REVIEW: The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

Title: The Four Winds
Author: Kristin Hannah
Type: Fiction
Published: 2021.
Pages: 464
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

“Books had always been her solace; novels gave her the space to be bold, brave, beautiful, if only in her own imagination.”

Ok. Let me tell you about The Four Winds. It talks about the time of The Geat Depression in America in 1930’s. And it is depressing. From beginning till the end there is not one good thing happening for the characters. As my dear friend would say, its depression porn at its finest. But don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean this is a bad book.

The beginning is extremely slow and repetitive, but it does its work and makes you not only bored a bit, but mad at the characters as well. And I have to say, I cherish that. Because any level of emotion readers get when it comes to characters is a sign of a good writer. It picks up about half way in and it gets better, plot wise. But its still a story about tough times and it will leave you heartbroken. ⠀

I grew up in the time of war. A real, bombs, tanks, killings, refugees, depression kind of war. I know what standing in line for bread means. I know what it means if you get there too late and there is no more to buy. I know what it feels like having everything scarce. About just hoping to survive. About hoping the future will be better. I was a child, 8 yrs old when it started. 13 when it ended. I pushed back most of my memories. But now as a mother I cannot not think about how did my parents feel. How desperate have they felt. How brave to put on a happy face and don’t let all their worries get to us. ⠀

The emotions this story evoked in me took me back to that time. I understood. I did wish for more action though. And more hope. The author said that this story is a story of hope in this times cause if the Americans got through that they will go through anything. But if that is what a hopeful and feel good story looks like, I think I am living in a wrong world.

My GR rating 3.5 stars

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