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REVIEW: One August Night by Victoria Hislop

Title: One August Night
Type: Fiction
Published: 2020.
Pages: 304
Publisher: Headline Publishing

“Like any collection of family photographs, it was a random selection that told only fragments of a story. The real tale would be revealed by the pictures that were missing or never even taken at all, not the ones that had been so carefully framed or packed away neatly in an envelope.”

One August Night is a sequel to Victoria Hislop’s most famous book, The Island. And it is not without reason – that book is amazing. Based on true story about leper colony on the island of Spinalonga, it is beautiful in telling, full of atmosphere, emotions and great characters. In short, all that One August Night isn’t. Except of great writing and atmosphere.

I do have to say, though, Hislop does portrait Greece in a special way. This is a proper sequel, and that is the thing I probably struggled the most, cause Ive read The Island so long ago and I couldn’t connect with who’s who anymore. It continues the story about the Petrakis family, focused more on Anna’s story. What I minded the most is the bland characterization and lack of events in this book. Most of the time it felt like I was reading a beautifully written plead of short stories about Greece and its people more than something that should’ve been interesting sequel of a historical fiction book. ⁣

Maybe I’m being too rough on this book, I don’t know. But after reading it, I feel I didn’t learn anything new and it definitely didn’t stirr any emotions in me. I honestly do wish my thoughts were different and I loved it more.

My GR rating: 3 stars

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