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REVIEW: City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

Title: City of Girls
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Type: Fiction
Published: 2019.
Pages: 496
Publisher: Riverhead Books

“People will tell you not to waste your youth having too much fun, but they’re wrong. Youth is an irreplaceable treasure, and the only respectable thing to do with irreplaceable treasure is to waste it. So do the right thing with your youth, Vivian—squander it.”

First things first – I just love Elizabeth Gilbert. As an author, as a woman, as a person. From the first time I read the review of Eat, pray, love in Times Magazine, I knew that I was going to love it. That, and all of the books she wrote afterwards. So, yes, this review is going to be a biased one and I’m not gonna apologize on that. ⠀

City of Girls hit home, and hit it hard. Because I do know how it feels to be young and a part of a theatre. Not in NYC in 1940’s, but Europe 2010’s. Though, trust me, some things don’t ever change.The heat of rehearsals, the force of production, the electricity of the people, and the rush you feel when you stand in the spotlight on the premiere night…those things cant ever be explained in words. So maybe that is the reason I felt so fond of Vivian, of her juvenile views of the world, of her lack of compassion and her selfishness. Because, I’ve been there. I’ve felt the magnetic power of that world, I’ve felt the adrenaline, and all that comes in hand with it. I mean, what else can be expected of a girl of her age, other than to surrender to all the joys of the youth? ⠀

But this book is not only about theatre and drinking and fooling around. This is a book about growing up. About doing what its right. About finding your own truth. About not succumbing to the world and its paths, but of creating your own.. It’s a book about finding your people, and finding love in unexpected places. I loved the growth of Vivian, I loved how she transformed from a woman that is so ignorant of everything around her, to a woman that can hold on to her principles and be a true friend.⠀

And the end. Oh the end. This story has some ups and downs, but when its up it hits the roof. All the emotions just come rushing through and you cannot escape them. 

So yes, I did love it. How could I not?!

My GR rating: 4 stars

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