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REVIEW: The Maverick by Jennifer Valenti

Title: The Maverick
Author: Jennifer Valenti
Type: Fiction
Published: 2020.
Pages: 322
Publisher: Hyde Park Press

”Some rules were made to be broken.”

Imagine being in your 20’s and having the world in your hands. Planning a future, a career, a life. Coming to NY for a job interview in a company so posh, so trendy, with not only its employees and work environment looking like in the movies, but with its mission to change the world developing a cutting edge algorithm for discovery of breast cancer. Sounds like a dream, right? ⠀

That is what happened to Jane, the main protagonist of this novel. Excelling at the job interview and being invited to a company party was almost a promise of a new life. Until her future boss raped her. And then a job offer came through.⠀

I loved the way the author led us through the train of thoughts of the main character. She was offered the opportunity of her life, but at what cost? Neglecting herself, her feelings, her entire being in exchange of a better life, not only for herself but also of a million women in the world. At moments there was a bit too much of technical data that I had to read slow to be sure that I understand, but as a whole I really did enjoy this story. All the characters were well done and the plot was interesting. I could totally imagine the busy work environment, with the long hours, hackathons and challenges for employees and a rough reality of a business world of today. ⠀

Sexual assault at work is something so many women experience at least once in their lifetime. It only takes few words to make an impact, let alone something worse. Just a few words to feel insecure, unworthy, hurt. Just a few looks or a wandering hand to make you feel uncomfortable, incompetent, scared. The author confessed into going through it herself and I can say that she really portrayed all the emotions perfectly. She showed the insecurities, fears, deep sadness, anger and in the end a genuine strength to stand up for herself and all the women experiencing the same. ⠀

This is the first book in the series that focuses on telling women’s stories, and I just cant wait to read the next one! ⠀

A special thanks to Jennifer Valenti and Kate Rock Book Tours for providing me a physical ARC of this book.

MY GR RATING: 4 stars

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