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REVIEW: Side Trip by Kerry Lonsdale

Title: Side Trip
Author: Kerry Londsdale
Type: Fiction
Published: 2020.
Pages: 328
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

“Always heading west. End of the day marks a new one on the horizon.”

Road trip book? Sign me in! And about Route 66, one of my travel bucket list destinations! Add a hot guy with a guitar and a girl in search for her identity? Im up for it! ⁣

Even through the synopsis this book checked all the boxes. It is a story of a girl with a lot of emotional baggage, and a boy with a lot of tasks to do. At first, they seem too different to make a good match. But, are they really so different? And the ending….ooof, it’s a good ending, trust me. So good.

This is not some unbelievable romance story. This is a real life romance. Honest. Sweet. With characters that are just like you and me, carrying a burden of history and a wish for a brighter future. This is a book about finding happiness. About living the life you want. And about all of those experiences that make a life worth living. ⁣

And the characters…you just cannot resist falling in love with them. Dylan is a dream guy. And Joy….Ive been Joy. I am her still – I will never turn my back on experiencing life to the fullest. ⁣

Be bold in life. Be brave. And read this book. Its so much more than you expect from it. So much more ❤.

My GR rating: 5 stars

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