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REVIEW: Shantaram by G.D. Roberts

Title: Shantaram
Author: Gregory David Roberts
Type: Fiction
Published: 2009.
Pages: 944
Publisher: Picador Australia

“The truth is that, no matter what kind of game you find yourself in, no matter how good or bad the luck, you can change your life completely with a single thought or a single act of love”

Rarely you can find a book that makes such a forceful impact on you. That grabs you and doesnt let go. Completely changes you from the inside. Makes you laugh. Makes you cry. Makes you see things differently. Makes you love people. Makes you love life. ⁣

I cant even tell how I found this book. I think I saw it getting re-editioned cause it was sold out and then I thought, well, I havent seen this one on #bookstagram, but if its sold out, it must be at least solid. ⁣

But it was more than solid. Reading Shantaram is an experience. You dont rush it. You don hurry it. You take your time, enjoy the masterfully composed sentences and characters. And even though it’s huge, when you’re near the end, you just don’t want to finish. Ever. ⁣

The thing I loved the most in this one were definitely its characters. Each and every single one of them. So many different people, all special in their own ways. But let me tell you, you will never forget about Lin and Prabaker. You will get to love them like a family. Like your closest friends. Roberts has a way of talking and the way of writing… And boy, do these pages talk. They tell the stories about India. About its people. About a life that in its rawest and poorest can also be the happiest and the purest of all. ⁣You will never love people of India more then after reading this book. The way the author talks about them.. its with pride. With love. With respect. ⁣

And talking about love…. This might be a book about an escaped criminal. About an addict. About a bad person trying to make amends. About a mafia associate. About crazy and funny situations. And it is, all of that. But first and foremost, this is the book about love. All 811 pages of it. ⁣

So yeah, I do believe this is a true masterpiece. And easily, one of my top 5 reads ever. 

My GR rating: 5 stars

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