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REVIEW: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Title: Wallbanger
Author: Alice Clayton
Type: Fiction
Published: 2012.
Pages: 384
Publisher: Omnific Publishing

β€œSimon does commando. God bless America.”

Well well, what are the odds. Me taking a romance and devouring it. Im not a romance kind of girl. I usually find it cringey, predictable, and the sex scenes are usually higly unrealistic. I prefer books to make me cry. Make me angry. I love being miserable after finishing a book. Walking around all whiney praising the author for giving me a chance to vent emotionally is something I thoroughly enjoy.

But damn, this book was all sunshine. It made me laugh so many times. It made me smile while reading. It made me giggle and blush and it definitely raised some tensions 😁. The banter was smart and super fun, the characters so well done, the steam was up the roof and it was exactly the kind of read I needed at this point. Final verdict – Simon The Wallbanger has definitely risen high up to Jonah considering the perfect book boyfriends, and trust me – he wont easily be forgotten. I might even want buy the book. You know, just to have him close 😁.

So, does that mean I’m a convert? Well, if you give me more books like this, then hell yes, I am! Just bring them on!

My GR rating: 5 stars

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