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REVIEW: Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy

Title: Migrations
Author: Charlotte McConaghy
Type: Fiction
Published: 2020.
Pages: 272
Publisher: Flatiron Books

“A life’s impact can be measured by what it gives and what it leaves behind, but it can also be measured by what it steals from the world.”

The first book in #tourdeeuropecc took me to cold and icy Greenland. It wasn’t completely what I was hoping for, but it is definitely story unlike the others.

Migrations is a hard book to talk about..and a sad one, too. Imagine the world left scarce of most animal kinds. Scientists are fighting for the preservation of species and one woman goes on an unusual quest following a group of Arctic terns through their migration. But not only we learn a lot about extinction of animals, we learn a lot about Franny’s life too. With chapters jumping through time we learn about her life and her losses, her motives and her passions. ⠀

There is a lot to go through and I see why many people didn’t like her character. But I did, I found a piece of me in her wandering spirit, and I had compassion for the things she went through. Because, in the end, this is a story about how much pain a person can endure before giving it all up. And how good things can often be found in unexpected places. 

MY GR RATING: 3 stars

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