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REVIEW: Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips

Title: Disappearing Earth
Author: Julia Phillips
Type: Fiction
Published: 2019.
Pages: 312
Publisher: Scribner UK

“You want to be intentional about the destruction. Be a witness. You want to watch how your life will shatter.”

My oh my…lets talk about going into books blind. Because I did that with Disappearing Earth and I couldnt be more wrong in doing so. It started like a thriller, but then evolved into something so different.⠀

But let me start from the begining..Do you know about Kamchatka? The remote peninsula far up north in Russian Siberia? That is the place this book will take you. And it is the reason I felt drawn to this book in the first place. Cold and distant, it is almost imposible to find a book that talks about this region and its people. ⠀

And this one does it all. It starts with abduction. Two little girls go missing on one summer day. But it doesnt continue there. It transferres into a short stories collection, and we can see how that event affected lives of different people. The fear, the causion, the curiosity, the investigation. But it digs deeper. Beneath the surface of ordinary life stories interconnected with the crime, we find out about the lives of the people of Kamchatka. The solace of motherhood, the college life, the loses of love, the unfulfilled wishes, the family ways. And underneath all of that lay stories about mysogeny, grief, toxic relationships, homophobia, ethnic differences, prejudices and love.⠀

The more I think about it the more fascinated I am by the authors way to deal with un-ordinary events in ordinary lives, and reveal so much humanity and cultural issues. The ending is just perfect, making it full circle with the beginning and forcing you to think back on all the little hints that were scattered along the way. ⠀

The only reason for a 4.5 rating is my own eagerness and rush to learn about the ending. I should have taken it slow. I should’ve read more carefully. I will surely take the time to reread this one, because there is so much more to unravel.

MY GR RATING: 4.5 stars

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