TOP 10 OF 2020.

I have to be honest and say that I haven’t read many great books this year. Of 88 books I have read in total, only 13 of them got a 5 star rating from me. I do expect a lot from a book to earn a rating that high. It has to be interesting in a way that I don’t want to stop reading, I have to care deeply about it’s characters, I have to think about it days afterwards and it has to have some kind of impact on me – I can laugh, I can cry, I can change my way of thinking or maybe want to explore and learn more about certain topics. So, here are, in no particular order, books that swept me off my feet this year.


I could talk ages about this triology. But I won’t. Let me just say this -it’s smart. It’s sexy. Like, sooo sexy. And funny. I was giggling almost all the time reading it, due to dialogues, due to characters, due to their chemistry. So yeah, read it. And read it again. And let me know you’re reading it so we can exchange notes 🙂


I laughed, I cried. This book pulled out so many emotions. A story about a quirky and grumpy old man, that is so warm and moving. It will touch you deeply, you won’t see it coming. And it will restore your faith in good people.

This book is just another proof of how amazing storyteller F. Backman is. I will never stop to admire his writing, never.


This is not an easy book to read. Not at all. Even thought the style is quite simple, this book will shake you to your core. You will get suspense, you will get weirdness, you will get family issues and borderline behavior, and you will get some scenes that will shock you in a bad way, some that might even make you want to gag.

But damn, it’s an amazing book.


This is a story about women. Strong women that survived horrible things. It is also a story about a part of the world’s history we don’t know much about. 

It was heartbreaking, it was eye opening, it was beautiful. The characters of this book were just victims of being born at the wrong place in the wrong time but they still tried to get the best out of life. And they were so wonderful, I loved them so much!


This debut novel is nothing but perfect. Odessa, Texas, 1970’s, oil surge. Reading it you can almost feel the sun on your skin, taste the sand in the air, smell the oil on the men returning from work and hear the deafening silence in the air.

The book evolves around the women of this town. Women made for more than the life they got. Women with minds open and strength that amazes. Women that want to fight for the better future of their children.


What happens when you’re a 12 yrs old boy and live in a small town in south America? Magic. Magic happens. 

Mystical, thrilling but also emotional and gripping, this story will leave you speechless. I have to say that the best thing about this book is its writing. Man, how this author can write. There is not enough words to do this book justice. You just have to read it and go on a wonderful journey with it .


If you are looking for a book about wilderness and nature, but also a book about people, about the dark places we all hide, human warmth and unconditional love… it’s all there.

Parts of it were so brutal I dreaded turning the next page cause it could never end up in a good way, parts were so colorful and enjoyable and parts were full of romance. Like life, it had made a perfect circle, beginning and ending where things felt like home. Alaska. Rough and wild, but worthy. ⠀


How can someone describe the beginning and the end of love? How can someone describe all of the things a couple goes through from the start of a relationship up until the moment when after years of marriage love just starts to slip away leaving you with nothing but the pain? How can someone describe the emptiness and the heartbreak and the sadness that rips you apart? Well, Colleen Hoover found a way.

Can one love survive not being able to give each other the life that they always imagined? Heartbreaking and so romantic, you won’t be able to stop reading until you finish sobbing your heart out. But it will be worth it.


Where do you see yourself in five years? Isn’t this that dreadful question we all fear to appear on any job interview? But not only on a job interview…when it comes to life itself, its a tricky one, too.⠀

This book is sweet, it’s sad, it’s real. It reminds us that every day matters and you have to cease all of it with both hands. It is not the rom-com it appears to be reading the synopsis. Also, it is not one of those “what if” stories. This is a story about love, yes, but also about friendship and values in life. ⠀


The only 5 star rated non fiction book of the year.  I listened to audio version read by Matthew himself, and enjoyed every second of it. It was funny, it was interesting, it was insightful. ⠀

Reading (or listening) this one you will learn about the way he grew up, the choices he made and fears he confronted. You will discover his thoughts, his values and his approach to life. He is a smart man that thinks a lot about the best way of using his life and shares his wisdom with us. ⠀

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